Halloween 2017 - The Anti Unicorn Cake!

Every year I like to have a bit of fun and create something special for Halloween as it's one of my favourite days of the year.

This year I was having a think and as we all know, the Unicorn cake as been so popular but basically it's been done to death - unfortunately, I am still in love with the theme and not willing to let it go, the Anti Unicorn cake came straight to mind!

I was going to make it with scary teeth and zombie eyes but I have small children and didn't want to scare them too much, so most of my cakes will have a fun, childish or cartoonish look to them.

I had quite a few private messages about this cake, askign questions, so here were teh top 5:

What fondants did you use, as the red is really vibrant? This was all made with Fondtastic fondants and gum paste. I did the 7" double barrel cake in the wrap method as Fondtastic blends really well.

That's on top? The "Hair" bit? This is Over The Top butter cream by Kware - the colours are really strong and worked a treat for shapping as I wanted a "choff" on top like a punk look

Are the wings gum paste? and what's holding them up? Believe it or not, they are straight up Fondtastic fondant with a little tylose, and only a wire through the red sections of the wings. The fondant draped very well and didn't tear or collapse during drying.

How do you make that shape horn? Easy peasy, a quick video and a longer tutorial is bellow, please ignore the wobbly table, next time I will put the phone on another table for stability

What gold do you use? Secret! :P

Here is a quick 10 sec demo on how easily you can create a unicorn horn without it looking...well.. phallic.... hahahahah

Too quick and want more? Check out the video below, proving you can make these in under a minute!