The Bachelorette 2017 - Sophie Monk Cake

Squeal! Yes I squealed - especially today!!!

Very excited to show a little gift I made for Sophie Monk's Bachelorette's wrap party!

Chatting with friends and I was raving that had just seen the commercials for the new show a few weeks ago and how excited it was Sophie as I just LOVE her and even the commercial's made me cry etc etc, and they said "Would you like to make a little cake for her wrap party on the 29th?" Would I?!?! Without hesitation I said YES!

Then as I was driving back to the Sugar Boudior, panic set in... "What do I make!!!"

I pondered a few options, something that reflected Sophie.. it had to be pretty... had to be small... had to capture her eye as I wanted it to be special. Bare in mind, at this point, it was a just a gift, had no idea, nor no thought it would be seen on social media etc. 

I rang my cake bestie to pitch the ideas to her. Am thinking a giant red rose, that was received well. Then I say, bare with me "What about a doll cake?"... silence on the other end of the phone.... "You know, like a dolly varden cake?!?".... "Are you fucking nuts?" is the response!

"Am thinking like a grown up version, you know, to look like her, in the red dress!?" Silence for about 10 seconds.... "You know what, that would work, I like it! Just don't make it look like a kiddie cake..." Sold!

Then, I set about trying to make Sophie out of modeling chocolate. After 3 failed attempts, I gave up. Suffice to say, modeling isn't my forte... off to the shops I go to find a Sophie "Look-a-like" barbie for the cake.

And believe it or not, the bang on look-a-like... Cinderella!!! Yes way! 

Only issue was, the doll is wearing a high necked blue dress that doesn't come off. So I had to change the design of the dress a little to cover all the blue.

What flavor? My friend recommends that she likes chocolate. I look online and see her excited by a cake from Sugar High with Nutella (And you ALL know how much I LOVE NUTELLA!!!) so I went with a rich fudge chocolate cake, Frangelico syrup, layers of straight right up Nutella, then Nutella Butter cream with handfuls of chocolate brittle for crunch and texture, covered in hazelnut milk chocolate ganache... yes it was very rich....

I used Fondtastic red Fondant for the dress - it's an awesome deep red colour (not orangie like some of the other brands) and it's isn't soft and mushy to use, meaning, I could drape it well and it held it's shape while I worked on the details.

I needed to create it to be more Sophie, so added on little Ugg boots! So cute and again, all in Fondtastic fondants.

Sweet Stix to paint the roses red and her lips a darker red.

And ta-dar - the finished product!

Cake was picked up on Friday morning and a couple of hours later I get a phone call "Hi Monica? Sophie was blown away by the cake, she just loved it, especially the little ugg boots, can we double check your social media information as Sophie would like to post it?"

My heart started beating so hard "Omg yes, of course, thank you so much "...I was babbling.."It was just a little gift for Sophie, because we love her and wish her all the so flattered..."... still babbling...."Never expected it to be post.... It's Moreish 72... ".. still babbling..... Panic sets in again (Omg it's going on social media... 270,000 people are about to see it.. could I have made it better?!?!?!).... breath Monica, breath.....

I sit on this information for about an hour pondering.... wow... who can I tell? I message my mum and hubby. replies of jubilation as you would image.

An hour so passes and notification comes up on my screen.... this is happening!!!


An an hour later, it's posted in Stories on IG. I take snap shots and my IG account goes nuts with new followers, messages and a couple of wedding cake requests..... my heart is racing all day. Jubilation.


And when you think it's can't get better? A second photo is loaded with Sophie in the shot - I've died and gone to cake bakers heaven by now!


Isn't she beautiful? Sophie I mean!!

When I chatted with the crew the month before, my question was, is Sophie just what you see on TV? I mean when the camera's stop rolling, is she the same? They all responded, she is the most genuine person, what you see is what you get. 

She will probably never know what she gifted back to back to me with the post was huge for this little cake maker. Am so grateful as it was unexpected but truly showed what a humble, genuine lady she truly is. I was a huge fan before, now I might turn stalker! heheh

Wishing everyone an as awesome day as I just had... Monica xxx