Bakerswood 2nd Annual Gingerbread House Challenge

Wow, this was way out of my comfort zone as a cake decorator! 

Usually I stick to caking, baking and dessert bars and as much as I love doing gingerbread I never thought to push myself so much further with new untried skills etc.

When Maria announced a challenge in bakerwood, I stupidly put up my hand thinking, yeah fun...... and then reality sunk in - I would have to take my GB's to a new level.

Knowing full well, what ever I submit would not even touch the side of what some of the experts were going to produce, this was only about beating my personal best.

After hours of online research, watching Anita from Vintique Cakes pipe and asking for advice I took the plunge and tadarrrrrr my submissions!

I sent them to Maria with a note saying "pick your fav to enter" and she kindly put in all of them as I couldn't decide on my fav.

Let me know what you think and how I can do better next time!

A special thank you to my amazing professional photographer Sam Ferlauto for his awesome photos!

Take a moment to check out the other amazing entries and give them all a like!

Lots of Bakerswood love, Monica