Giant Wafer Paper Flowers - Magnolia - Free Mini Tutorial

Hi everyone, I'm Monica from Moreish Cakes!

I am little bit obsessed with wafer paper and it's zillion uses... so bare with me if I get a little ovely excited in today's blog!

My love affair with wafer paper began a good 4 years ago, when I saw a cake with a few simple paper flowers on it. It looked so light and airy, I was instantly smitten.

I even used it in my bake in Episode 1 on The Great Australian Bake Off2016- the judges loved it! And in episode 2, for Biscuit Week - it's so vertisile I even snuck a few wafer butterflies on my showtopper in episode 9.... yes.. obsessed....

There are so many ways to create flowers with wafer paper and you can work out the best way for you, but I thought I would start with something really simple that versatile and that you can apply the practical to all sorts of designs. I don't want to bombard you with toomuch information but if you have questions, please ask below and I will try to answer as many as possible. Plus I do teach the full versions of this tutorial, so if you want to take your skills to the next level, book a class!!

The idea here is that you can make wafer paper flowers for your cakes even if you have never made fondant or gum paste flowers before, it's a great place to start!

So what do you need to get started? Let's keep it simple ....

  • A few sheets of any coloured wafer paper you like
    A sheet of acertate or 120gsm+ paper to create your petal templates
    A pair of snippy scissors - pointy ends work best!
    2 paint brushes, one for dusting and one for wetting
    A little gum paste - my weapon of choice is Satin Ice Gum Paste
    A pack of 22 gauge florist wires - snipped into approx. 10cm lengths (usually 3 per wire)
    A sprig of stamen's of your choice
    A roll of florist tape or 5mm masking tape will do
    A little sugar glue or water to stick things together
    Some petal dusts in your choice of colour, this is optional if you like to shade a bit

Step 1 - To get started, Google a petal template - hundreds will pop up, I went for a magnolia for this tutorial in 2 sized petals. Print it out, or put your acetate over the your computer screen and using a perm marker, like a Sharpie, trace the petal for your template in the size you want it in - my largest petal was 15cm for below, but no need to go that large for your first one.

I save all my templates and you will see I write on then what they are and store them in a small clear sandwich bag for next time - handy tips queen here! I usually call myself the Queen of Hacks!


Template cutting

Step 2 - cut out your petals using your template. I would recommend 2 sizes and 5 of each size. As it's your first time making these, cut an extra of each size just in case you bugger a petal up! And then snip a little slit up the back end of each petal, you need this to attach your wires later on. And put these aside



Step 3 - roll a ball of approx. 5 grams of gum paste into a ball shape. Then roll it into a slight cone shape with a flat bottom - this will be the centre of your bloom. Grab one of your wires and bend the end into a hook shape, dip it into a tiny amount of sugar glue or water and stick it gently into the base of the cone centre, and smooth the gum paste around the wire to secure it into place. Be gentle, because if you are rough it will keep falling off, especially in the next step.


Step 4 - with the sharp ends of your scissors, snip along the outside of the gumpaste cone, teasing the ends out slightly as shown. Be light fingered to avoid it falling off the wire. Set it aside to dry (Couple of hours or over night is even better)


Step 5 - pinch a little bunch of stamen together and tape then into place, snip the end off so you have a little bunch as shown. I usually just bend them over to save wastage.


Step 6 - brush a small amount of sugar glue or water at the base of each petal and place one of your wires as shown and gentle bend the petal a little so that it crosses over and secures the wire into place - firmly press the 2 ends together and they should adhere and stay in place virtually instantly.


Step 7 - brush very lightly the lip of the petal with plain water (or if you have it vodka or rose spirit) and working quickly, use the endof your paint brush to curl the edges a little to give the petal some natural movement. Once they are all done, leave aside to dry. If you have over wet the petal it might disintegrate or curl more than you wanted. If it's over curled, enjoy it, as I prefer it this way. If you head over to my FB page you will see ones that I have intentionally over "wet" to get that added movement.


Step 8 - This is optional, petal and stamen dusting - if you like a little more realism in your bloom, you can use petal dusts of your choice to create more depth.

I love pretty colours!!!

I love pretty colours!!!

Step 9 - Assembly - Part 1 - push the stamen bunch up the wire of the cone centre as shown. No need to secure into the place as you will see it's a little forced to get it on there!

Step 10 - Assembly - Part 2 - using 5 of your fav smaller petals arrange them about the centre and wrap the wire to secure them into place, you can still move them around to get them sitting the way you want them. Then arrange the outer 5 petals and tape into place...


Tadarrrrrr - a wafer paper flower completed in minimum time with minimal fuss and equipment!

Now practice different sizes, shapes and colour!

Have fun!

Giant Wafer Paper Flowers - Magnolia