Married At First Sight - Season 5 - 2018 - Black, White And Gold Cake

Location - Starship Sydney - The Pontoon, King Street, Sydney

Date - 22/9/2017

Bride and Groom - Carly and Justin

Colour Palette - Black, White and gold

Theme - Black and White ball - Think Versace...

Style/Design - Black and White with gold highlights

Flowers - Sugar Blooms- hand crafted sugar blooms .

Tier 1 -Top - 5" - Round - Chocolate Fudge cake with Malibu Syrup, and banana white chocolate ganache filling - yummo!

Tier 2 - Middle - 7" - Super extended tier - Round Shaped - Chocolate fudge cake with cherry syrup and whipped Chocolate Cherry Ripe frosting

Tier 3 - Bottom- 9" - extended tier - Round Shaped - Chocolate fudge cake with vodka mint syrup and Mint Slice white chocolate ganache filling

This was wedding and cake was originally meant for Noosa. The black and white theme meant I could have a bit more of a play with the design concept for the cake than the others. 

I was finally able to use some of the techniques I had been dying to use, cake crack, new molds, double tier extension decorating and hand making toppers. 

And of course, making anemones flowers - these are my favourite flowers to make (which reminds me, I need to get that tutorial completed!

I drew inspirtation from various cakes on PinInterest including the awesome Kara! This all helped me pull togehter this show stopping cake!

I tested out Cake Crack on white and black fondant. Discovered the black turned it green (which I actually like but not for this cake).

This cake was for a couple of days later, so I didn't get to go onsite and delivered it on the Saturday instead in over 40 degree heat! I should mention the importance of internal structures for large cakes and especially in hot weather!!! Life savers!!! I was literally peeing my panties until the head of the Art team sent me a photo on site to say it all went swimmingly! Phew!!


Watching the wedding on Channel Nine was awesome, so many shots of the cake, hubby kept calling out, "there's your cake", "There's the cake" and "There's the cake again.." He must have said it 10 times - well worth it as it looked amazing on the big screen!

Photos below are from the Channel Nine MAFS Wedding gallery:

Mwuah, Monica xx

Product Information:

Fondant - Fondtastic RTR White Fondant

Gumpaste - Fondtastic Gum Paste

Baking Pans - Mondo Pro Deep Round Pans

Cake Boards - Masonite and Cake Boards by Mondo and Kware

Airbrush - Mondo Airbrush System

Topper - provided by the Art Department from Married At First Sight

Edible Paints - Miranda's Edible Art Paints 

Topper - provided by the Art Department from Married At First Sight

Styling and fresh flowers - on set by Unique Weddings