MAFS 2019 Eliza - English Rose Wedding Cake of Ines and Bronson

Last and certainly not least is the most talked about bride to date, Ines with her incredibly handsome (and so much s, even my hubby is crushing on him) Bronson!

I am not saying a word…. it’s all about the cake for me…. I hope he enjoyed it…..

Think English rose, rose gardens and royal doulton china….…meets cake!

This beauty headed to Queensland for a country garden wedding! With hand crafted splays of delicate sugar roses, I wasn’t sure if this cake would survive, but judging by what i saw on screen, it all went awesome!

Tiers of all cake…

4” - Moreish Vanilla cake with white chocolate truffle and crushed choc mint slice

6” - Dark chocolate fudge cake with Bitter Chocolate truffle

8” - Alternate layers of Vanilla and chocolate cake with white chocolate truffle and crushed choc mint slice

10” - Moreish Vanilla cake with strawberry syrup, with white chocolate truffle and Berry Fresh Freeze Dried Strawberries and white choc ganache.

Want to see more of the bride and groom? Here is the link to their album!

Fondant - Fondtastic Ready to Roll, 4 kilo pales in white

Cake Boards - base boards and inbetween tiers - Mondo’s Cake Boards

Gumpaste - Fondtastic Gum Paste

Colours - Chefmaster Rose Pink colour

Cake Lace and Mat – Clare Bowmans purchased from Cake Decorating Central

Rose mold - Cake Decorating Solutions I can’t find the main one, but it’s large with 3 sizes on it - come in pink

Edible Pearls etc by Over The Top - Kware

Pearl Spray - Chefmaster Pearl spray by Kware

Cake Lace - Claire Bowmans White Cake Lace from Cake Decorating Central

Freeze dried fruit - Berry Fresh - Australian grown and made product

Bitter Choc Truffle - Polen Food

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Ciao! Monica