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We appreciate your interest in considering working with us! We have many options available and are happy to engage for a chat to hear your ideas, plans and/or products. Have a read of some options currently available below or click on Contact to get the ball rolling


Group Classes 

If you own or work for a Cake Decorating Store, Cafe, Restaurant Cooking School, College etc, hosting Monica to teach live classes at your location might be of interest to you.

We offer a large range of Baking, Cake Decorating and Demonstration classes and workshops from 2 hour to 2 days.

Classes can also be tailored to your specific location and demographic - we are very flexible and happy to plan the right classes for you, fill in the form below for more information.

Private Classes 

Monica started teaching privately in 2016 with one on one tailored private classes in Baking and/or Cake Decorating.

To date, this is still one of her favourite ways to engage and spend quality time with students and continues to be booked monthly for private one on ones, so please allow longer lead times due to popularity of these bookings.

Private Classes are tailored to your needs and skill level with personalised attention, recipes etc.

Monica teaches privately, either onsite at her Sugar Studio in Strathfield or comes to you.

This is a great option for group Private Classes, where Monica can come to you, and spend a day with you and your friends, baking or caking what you want to learn, and then enjoy the fruits of your labour at the end!

Fill in the form below for more information


Monica is a proud Fondtastic Amabassador!

Monica is a proud Fondtastic Amabassador!

Product reviews and endorsements

Monica often receives products to review and endorse. She prides herself in her honesty of her opinion of a product and will only advertise or endorse a product/brand she uses herself and is happy to be associated it. As such not all products make the grade. 

She is happy to give you feedback privately. 

Public endorsements can include any of the following - social media mentions, Blogs, tutorial mentions/sponsors, videos, photos, credits, EDM's etc. Not all endorsements are funded or solicited, Monica often gives out shout-outs to products she tried herself and loved. 

Monica is a proud Ambassador for Fondtastic Fondant. As she is very loyal to the teams below, she will decline offers of endorsements for products that are in direct competition. Please respect this moral decision.

Current affiliations:

Loyal Bakeware


The Cake Pod

Topperoo Software

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